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06 November 2021

Eternals: Medieval Cosmology & Space Angels

 Of demiurges, archons and emanations. How many celestials can dance on the head of a pin-wheel galaxy? 

The hierarchy of creation and the cosmos imagined by Alchemists in the Middle Ages is echoed in Jack Kirby's Eternals.

The sigil-like imagery prevalent in the Eternals movie harkens back to that era of Alchemy nestled between the Age of Faith and the Age of Science.

Did Jack Kirby draw upon Jewish Apocraphal Folklore when he created the epic tale of the Eternals?


Eternal Ikaris portrayed by Scottish actor Richard Madden


Humanity's Guardian Angels

Similar to the Archons of old, Celestials oversee creation of planetary life



Check out this Power Point presentation outline PDF on Angels in Jewish Mysticism which I suspect might provide some cultural context that Jack Kirby's might have drawn upon as he developed his New Gods and Eternals stories.


A decent explanation of the themes of the Eternals movie:


Another take on powerful space beings:

An excellent academic article on the concept of angels expounded by C.S. Lewis.

See this blog post about Avengers Endgame and End Times

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