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20 June 2024

Summer Solstice Fun Facts!

Thanks to Joel Rohland for making this photo available on @unsplash 

Here are five interesting facts about the Summer Solstice:

1. Longest Day of the Year: The Summer Solstice marks the longest day and shortest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This occurs when the North Pole is tilted closest to the sun.

2. Cultural Celebrations: Many cultures around the world celebrate the Summer Solstice. In Sweden, people celebrate Midsummer with dancing, feasts, and maypole raising. In the UK, thousands gather at Stonehenge to witness the sunrise.

3. Ancient Observances: Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans celebrated the solstice with various rituals and festivals. The solstice was often linked to agricultural cycles and fertility.

4. Astronomical Significance: The Summer Solstice happens when the Earth's axial tilt is most inclined towards the sun at its maximum of 23.5 degrees. This results in the sun reaching its highest point in the sky at noon.

5. “Polar Day”: In regions within the Arctic Circle, the Summer Solstice can bring about the phenomenon known as the "Midnight Sun," where the sun is visible for 24 hours. This continuous daylight can last for several weeks around the solstice.



Whereas the sun follows a cycle that takes place roughly over the course of a year, the Moon’s cycle is much more rapid. Moonrise and moonset move from their northernmost to southernmost limits and back again in just a month. But the movements of the Moon have a further cycle. The limits of moonrise and moonset change over a period of about 18.6 years.

The major lunar standstill is when the northernmost and southernmost moonrise and moonset are furthest apart.

19 June 2024

Artists in Question


Art by Fes Okulu of Kazakhstan. See below for more info.

I come across art online (like the one above) which captures my imagination. When I research the artist, I often hit a dead end.

The art above, as far as I can tell, was created by Fes Okulu whose Fiverr account I traced down. But it appears that his account (began in 2020) is now on hold. 

He definitely deserves some attention. Unfortunately, in these days when AI has infiltrated the Art World, one is often wary of the market. It's a time of transition that hopefully will resolve without too much harm to the livlihood of sincere talented artists.

06 June 2024

Legends Gather


Can you name these Comic & Pop-culture legends who appeared together at a Comic-Con in 1987? Hint: The three older gentlemen on the couch pretty much launched the entire super-hero comic industry.

Jack “King” Kirby co-created much of the foundational Marvel comics characters. Jerry Siegle co-created Superman. Bob Kane co-created Batman. If there was any justice in this world, Bill Finger would be on that couch as well since he contributed to the most iconic and significant aspects of Batman.

I read that Stan Lee had been in the room (which served as that Comic Con's HQ) but left before the photo was taken.

Bill Mumy starred as the boy in the classec TV series Lost in Space; Mark Hamil portrayed the iconic Luke Skywalker; Ferrer was in RoboCop and many other signature movies.

Bill Mumy and Mark Hamill are the only people in this photo that are still alive (as of 2024).

Mark Hamill has this photo on his Instagram saying he'll treasure it forever.

10 May 2024

Mermaid as a Symbol for Transcendence


The Fable of the Mermaid and the Drunks is one of my top-favorite poems by Pablo Neruda.

I plan to explore some elements and symbolism that I find compelling but for now, I'll just embed the excellent reading of the poem by Ethan Hawke.

Among the numerous interpretations of this classic poem is the sense that the Mermaid in essence transcends the experiences she has in the bar as she is subjected to the drunks' verbal abuses. When she returns to her own environment and her true nature, she undergoes a kind of cleansing.

This has a metaphysical connotation as a person's true essence is similarly untouchable or immune from any blemish sustained in the domain of material forms.

More thoughts to come.

21 March 2024

The 2024 Eclipse as a Hotrod Fiend


Drawing Inspired by the "Rat Fink" Monster Hotrod art by
“Big Daddy” Ed Roth. Color Pencil on Paper 4'' x 6''.

© O. Douglas Jennings. All rights reserved.

16 March 2024

That Time My College Newspaper Interviewed Me

This 1980 interview appeared in “The Daily Egyptian” the SIU Student Newspaper. Quite a time capsule.