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30 April 2021

Bela Lugosi


I saw the above photo of the actor Bela Lugosi as a young man and decided to do a tiny link gateway for Hollywood's Horror genre icon.

 Here is a link to his official website managed by his only son, Bela Lugosi, Jr. 

 Read an interview with Bela Lugosi, Jr. on Film Talk

He was a native of Hungary where he worked for many years as an actor before coming to the United States a decade before he made his break-out performance in the feature film Dracula. He portrayed the character on stage to much acclaim before he was chosen to reprise the role for the movie.

Google image search of his early career

Dracula starring Lugosi debuted 90 years ago in 1931. See the original trailer below.


Fascinating Interview from the 1930s at the height of his career:


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