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04 September 2017

Overcoming Gravity

[2019 December 21, Page 2 Added*]

I had a lot of fun creating this comic. Believe it or not it was an exercise in drawing carefully in ink without initial pencil sketches. I was in a zen-like state, as I recall. Later, I scanned the line art into a digital format and colorized the art in Photoshop. 

The lettering is also created digitally using a font (Nutoon) based on my own lettering that I crafted using the old-timey software Fontagrapher years ago.

I pretty much made up the dialog on the spot and fine-tuned it before settling on the final version you see above.

My art and technique was inspired by the work of artist Anders Nilsen whose cartoon art I first saw at a home exhibition in Chicago. I made a smaller homage to Nilsen in my 365 Tigrikorn Day Creativity project (see the particular sample below and the original captioned work on Flickr).

I'm not exactly sure where I got the idea of overcoming gravity by falling. I'll leave it to you, dear reader, to Google the phrase. I'm vaguely thinking I gleaned the notion from something I read by Oscar Wilde or Gore Vidal.

*2019 Update:
 I added a second page for the comic to reflect my desire to be more engaged in life.

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Anders Nilsen had a variety of styles. This homage is from his earlier work.

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