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13 August 2017

Monument against War and Fascism, Vienna, Austria.

During our recent trip to the wonderful city of Vienna, Austria, our hosts solemnly took us to a stunning monument at the city center, behind the opera house and in front of the celebrated Albertina Museum of Art (which houses remarkable art by Albrect Durer, among other treasures).

The Monument against War and Fascism contained sculptures that were jarring. As you read the plaque and see the unique art of granite and marble depictions of the inhumanity suffered by the people of Europe under the boot heel of and war-mongering totalitarian government, you'll see why it is a clear warning to future democracies who think Fascistic leaders seem desirable.


Text on the plaque at the
Monument against War and Fascism

Alfred Hrdlicka (1928-2009)

Granite, marble, sandstone, bronze

“This was once the site of Philipp-Hof, an imposing apartment block built during the prosperous final quarter of the 19th century. It was destroyed in an air-raid on March 12th 1945. Hundreds died who had sought refuge in its cellar. The exact number of dead has never been verified as bodies could not be recovered from the rubble. For this reason, it was deemed during the commemorative year of 1988, to be an appropriate site for the City of Vienna to place a Monument against War and Fascism. The Austrian sculptor Alfred Hrdlicka was given the commission for its concept and execution.

The Gate of Violence stands at the front of the square: It is constructed from Mauthausen granite, identical to the stone that thousands of prisons were forced to carry up the Steps of Death at Mauthausen Concentration Camp.”


 Google Maps Location of the Monument against War and Fascism


Photos © by O. Douglas Jennings. All Rights Reserved. 

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