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21 May 2017

The First Graphic Artists

Creating graphic symbols apparently is one of the oldest activities of the human race.

I've been reading and video-watching about early human symbols left behind on cave walls all around the world by ancient people (very ancient --before recorded history!)

Many of these symbols are categorized as "Entoptic" meaning originating within the eye itself through experiences that include use of psychedelic drugs used in shamanistic rituals*.

I first heard about these symbols in this video TED talk by Genevieve Von Petzinger:

And I'm also reading about her research in her book The First Signs that I've borrowed from my local Public Library:

So far, it has been fascinating to learn how hard-wired humans are to create symbols. As a Graphic Artist, I have great satisfaction that my vocation has such ancient connections.

*Other factors that might induce Entoptic symbols within the signals to the brain from the eyes include sensory deprivation-caused trance states. Caves would be good sensory deprivation environments due to providing total blockage of light and (for the most part) sound.

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