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16 April 2010


GEORGE ORWELL Originally uploaded by O. Douglas Jennings 

I was inspired to make this tribute art to George Orwell after reading a book on the story behind his writing The Animal Farm. It was written before the end of WW2 but no one would publish it because it was obviously a satirical allegory on Stalin's Russia. The U.K. govt/media didn't want to undermine their propaganda about their wartime ally "Uncle Joe".

Orwell was a staunch socialist who deplored how Stalin subverted the goals of socialism by becoming a brutal dictator. To Orwell, Soviet Russia under Stalin gave socialism a bad name and had no connection to the ideals of helping the common man.

Here is a fascinating interview with Orwell's widow about the main point of 1984:

 On another note, did you know David Bowie hoped to publish songs based on Orwell's dystopian classic?





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