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05 July 2018

I've been on a Watchmen Jag...

I've been on a Watchmen kick and enjoying two fascinating books from my local library:

Watchmen : the annotated edition:

'This book examines each of the series' twelve issues in unprecedented detail, moving page by page and panel by panel to reveal the hidden foundations of this milestone in modern storytelling. 

Edited with notes by Leslie S Klinger, this 2017 edition draws upon critical and scholastic commentary, in-depth interviews with Dave Gibbons, and previously unseen original source material Klinger provides the reader with a unique and comprehensive view of Watchmen as both a singular artistic achievement and a transformative event in the history of comics as a medium.

Set in a world in which history has been forever altered by the existence of superheroes, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' monumental graphic novel Watchmen is one of the most influential comic book series of all time. Following two generations of masked crime-fighters from the end of World War II to the height of the Cold War, this compelling tale unfolds from a simple murder mystery into an epic saga of power, corruption and the ultimate meaning of humanity. More than 30 years after it was first published, Moore and Gibbons' masterpiece continues to inspire and entertain readers around the world. Named one of Time magazine's 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century, Watchmen has won countless critical accolades and honors, including the Eisner Award and the Hugo Award"-- Description Provided by publisher.


Watching the Watchmen:

The essential companion to the original graphic novel Watchmen; filled with archival materials and eye-popping images. 

By Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons, this 2008 volume includes remarkable preliminary sketches, photos and detailed behind-the-scenes stories of how the Graphic Novel came to be written and the collaboration between writer Alan Moore, artist Gibbons and colorist John Higgins.

The Watchmen graphic novel has spawned an entire industry of films, commentaries and coffee table books -- many of which I have enjoyed from my library and I recommend.

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