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02 July 2018

Emoji Career...

Ok. So maybe the Emoji Movie bombed at the Box Office —or at least on Rotten Tomatoes. I confess I couldn't bring my self to see that movie. But sometimes I still wonder if there could be a future in "Emoji Technology". Would it be a stretch to imagine that someday there might be good money in being an Emojitician?

Screen capture from
After all, as I explore in my previous blog post about the First Graphic Artists, symbolic, iconic imagery has a long, LONG tradition in anthropology and human history. The "Have a Good Day!" Smiley Face was the precursor to our love-affair with today's emojis. I'd love to have a glimpse into the future to see the next generation of the friendly little symbols.

Who knows. Someday we might all communicate primarily in emojis and there might be advanced degrees in "Emoji Studies". "O Brave New World!"

UPDATE 7/5/18: After I posted this blog, I found out about the "Emojicon" in NYC this Summer!
AND the article in Fast Company Magazine had a similar illustration concept as I had! ^_^

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