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21 August 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017 had it's Moments

Cheeky cookie celebration of Eclipse Day! Thanks, Jan!

We celebrated at our office with cookies. A couple of us made a shadow box (Pro Tip: make the hole for the shadow box with a pin or tack - not with a nail. I tried both and the image from the pin hole was much more distinct.). One of my fellow employees, Elizabeth, brought official Eclipse glasses.

Only two of us made shadow boxes to view the event. Note to self:  smaller pin hole (no nails) works best!

It was troublesome that clouds rolled in at 1:10 pm just before the peak eclipse coverage of the Sun. But we could see glimpses through the clouds, in the shadow boxes and a couple of good looks through the glasses. It was just enough for me to feel a part of an historic event.

The light outside dimmed noticeably and some of us thought the temperature cooled a bit as well.

An iPhone photo of the Eclipse through the clouds. Thanks to fellow employee David D.!

After it was over we all returned to work. So there you have a summation of my experience of #SolarEclipse2017 from Arlington Heights, IL. We were roughly 300 miles from the totality path.

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