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06 August 2017

Rest Stop...

So...This crow was just chillin' 😎 on our birdbath for nearly an hour while we would occasionally glance outside from our kitchen patio door windows. I began to worry that it might be sick. I walked into the patio and it flew away without any trouble. Made me wonder if it was just enjoying it's time... and how long would it have stayed if uninterrupted?

UPDATE: Apparently the crow came back later in the afternoon (I'm assuming it was the same crow). This time it roosted in the grass near the birdbath. It stayed well past sunset. My daughter noticed the bird and we did searches online about what to do if we encountered a sick bird. The best advice, I feel, was to call a local animal rescue facility. The nearest one we could find was closed. Then, mysteriously, after we were deliberating what to do and discussing how healthy crows would normally not stay out after dark but join other crows in a communal roosting area, we looked and our feathered friend was gone. I even went outside in the dark to see if I could find him but did not see him anywhere my the yard or surrounding yards.

I take some comfort that he chose my yard as a safe resting place for a while. I can only hope that he eventually made his way back to his group.

Later in the afternoon, our crow friend returned. Occasionally it would preen and move a little ways from this spot shown in the photo. He stayed well past sunset.

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