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24 February 2015

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis reveals Aquaman Insights

For the most part I enjoyed the animated feature Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. Like Justice League: War, it features the New 52 version of the Justice League. They try to appeal to older viewers by throwing in some swear words and having the battles show more blood. But the plot devices and resolution have a tidy, fanboy-pander feel to it.

As an Aquaman Fan, I was happy with how the Sea King was given due respect. He gets a lot of ridicule from undiscerning pop critics. And these scoffers will always find things to mock about him. But I enjoyed seeing the character and his powers given the spotlight.

Other things I learned from the movie (besides the points I made in the comic* above): Batman's mask is equipped with internet connectivity and advanced photo scanning. Cyborg can be jump-started with a taser. And Cyborg can also project large holograms.

I'll conclude this post with a quick sketch comic inspired by one of my favorite scenes in the movie. This might be only slightly spoilerish.

* Thor makes a cameo in my comic just to point out that, like his mystic hammer Mjolnir, Aquaman's trident has such unique, supernatural powers that it deserves a dedicated, distinct appellation.

Art on this post © 2014 by O. Douglas Jennings. Aquaman TM DC Comics. Thor TM MARVEL Comics.

SPECIAL BONUS LINK: My cartoon sketch summation of Justice League: War

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