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28 January 2015

Sketches by a Dog Sitter

In the 80s I frequently would house-sit for families who would go on vacation. This gig would also include caring for the family dog. Although there were four different families that employed my house/dog sitting services. I have surviving sketches of only two of my canine charges: "Peaches", a golden retriever and "BeeGee" (short for "Beautiful Girl"), a standard poodle. Both of these dogs were well-behaved older dogs. BeeGee was, in fact, very hard of hearing but otherwise in general good health (although my morning routine would be to give this dog her meds).

The houses were well-appointed and spacious. The dogs were actually fun to be around. And I am happy for my sketches to remind me of those times during my "lazy bachelor days" in my mid-to-late 20s.

Peaches would take walks with me around the grounds of the 5-acre property.

This is my favorite sketch of Peaches
She liked to play fetch with a tennis ball

BeeGee profile sketch

The house where BeeGee lived was on a lake. It had lovely grounds.

BeeGee was like an elegant older lady.

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