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22 May 2020

Why Do Evangelicals Follow Trump? 5 Reasons.

Illustration I created originally for coverage of the Vice Presidential debates in 2016

John Pavlovitz's 5 reasons white evangelicals obey Trump


The Following is Adapted from the Video Transcript

1. Trump is their “symbiotic spokes-husk”.
White evangelicals recognized that they have in Donald Trump someone without a working morality of his own —just an empty husk who would adopt the outward moral convictions of whoever partnered with it.

2. Trump Promises Official Government Legitimacy to Evangelical Christianity.
So they decided “We'll make Donald Trump a Christian!” They put him on stage at Liberty University. They had him say a couple things about religion and he made some photo ops at prayer breakfast or religious functions or at a church service and suddenly he was sufficiently Christian for millions of Christians to support. Never mind that Donald Trump has no interest in emulating Jesus in any quantifiable measure or that he knows nothing of the gospel teachings. And even if he did he would have no interest in living those out.

3. Pastors and Evangelists Endorse Trump
For Christians who really want to support Donald Trump on the grounds that he is a Christian and that he is anointed by God, all they need are some pastors or evangelists who they respect to say that Donald Trump is a Christian. And suddenly —voila!— he's a Christian without Jesus at all!

4. Trump Re-affirms Authoritarian Leadership Patterns That Attracts Evangelicals
It’s a popular concept among Evangelicals that God is a white heterosexual man who was born in America raised Christian and votes Republican. They want to perpetuate that idea with an authoritarian male leader to tell them what to do.

5. Trump Panders to the Evangelical Fascade of Patriotism, Nationalism and Pro-life lip-service.

Donald Trump thrives within the pro-life lie that he is actually against abortion. He appeals to a Christianity that is steeped in white supremacy and nationalism and the fear of the outsider. Donald Trump is brilliant at leveraging such fear as well as good old fashioned capitalism that Evangelicals feel further legitimizes their prosperity. He’s someone who will get them what they want.

It might seem surprising that people who profess to follow Jesus or say they love God would embrace them on with a lack of character that Donald Trump has but it's really nothing new. The old testament records the story of the Israelites who, at first, follow God. They're being obedient; they're being faithful and then they begin to loose their way. They begin to compromise their convictions and they end up bowing down before false idol. They end up worshiping a golden calf. So it really shouldn't be surprising to us, few thousand years later, religious people are still compromising their convictions, losing their way and kneeling before an orange jackass.

The illustration at the top of this article was originally created for this 2016 post.



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