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07 January 2019

Spider-man vs Aquaman battle royale ...

I loved 'Spiderverse' and made my own 'Spidey-Tigrikorn' 'Spidersona'!

I am happy that I had the time over my Holiday Break to catch both Aquaman and Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse movies. Both were terrific and hugely entertaining for different reasons.

AND ...  I have been imagining a 'friendly' rivalry in Mainstream and Social Media between the two iconic heroes.

Aquaman has definitely been making bank as it approaches a billion in world-wide ticket sales.

Meanwhile, the delightful Miles Morales-centered 'Spiderverse' has won the prestigious Golden Globe award for best animated feature.

Will 'Aqua-Jesus' save the DCU?

I jokingly refer to the latest movie Aquaman as "Aqua-Jesus" that is especially resonant when you see the face of Mattel's Action Figure, movie tie-in Aquaman.

And I think it's funny at how often Spider-man has been recast and rebooted before they seem to have hit the most salient 'chord' with 'Spiderverse'.

"With great power comes... many franchise reboots...!"

But it's been a great feel-good experience for me to see the success of the two franchises as they enjoy well-deserved acclaim. Sony's Animation Team proved to be a match for the best Disney features. And Jason Mamoa's 'bro-dude' version of the King of the Seven Seas has breathed new life into the DCU which continues to suffer from comparison of its previous movies to the much more cohesive/endearing MCU fare.

The Late Great Stan Lee, in his characteristic spirit of generosity, would be proud of both. "Excelsior!"

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