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13 December 2018

1911 Christmas Post Card is Delightful

I am so charmed by this Christmas Postcard featuring a cute kitten from 1911 that my wonderful Aunt Lucille showed me that she found as she was going through my late grandmother's keepsakes.

The postcard is from my Great Aunt Maud to her brother, my Great Uncle Mayo.

Maud's home, that she shared with Uncle Will, was a little over 14 miles from Mayo's home in Marion Illinois. It would have been approximately an hour or so by train. Much more by buggy. Will worked for the railroad (a porter, I think). So I'm fairly sure they made the trip by rail.

My grandmother mentioned to me once about a nice visit she made from Marion to Aunt Maud's home in West Frankfort, Illinois by train.

Below is my transcription of the note on the back. I've corrected some 'typos':

"Dear Bro  - We will be home for X-mas but can't say when. We will come as Will is coming too. We are well. With Love to all. --Maud." 

I never met my Aunt Maud, Uncle Will, nor my Uncle Mayo. But I would spend many weekends and Summers with my Great Grandpa, Oran Copher, their brother. He would mention Maud sometimes, his only sister.

It's sweet to get a tiny glimpse into their lives at that time.

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