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09 August 2018

Der Löwenbändiger

I'm often surprised by how ideas develop and take shape to have a life of their own. While listening to a book review of C.S. Lewis' apocalyptic sci-fi novel 'That Hideous Strength', I began to create a doodle/drawing on a post-it note.

I had an image in my mind of a a powerful figure with his hand resting on some object... One thing let to another and -perhaps I was thinking of Lewis' Narnia books as well -- the object became a lion. And then the details of the figure took shape with his heavy boots and commando pockets, etc.

The title 'Lion Tamer' came to mind but, after searching various translations of that title on Google Translate, I rather fancied the German phrase. So there you have it. Just a bit of fun while listening to a review that is transcribed here.

The observations of that review are meaningful. And worthy of a separate post.

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