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30 July 2018

Forget Impeachment....


I agree that impeaching Trump would be a satisfying outcome in many ways. But that would leave Vice President Mike Pence to assume the reigns of power in the Oval Office. To say Pence is a white-washed version of Trump is an understatement.

So it would seem that the best strategy for removing Trump is at the ballot box... in both 2018 and 2020. In 2018 the goal is to break the GOP strangle hold on Congress. In 2020, of course, it is to deprive Trump of a second term. I consider both of these actions to be parts 1 and 2 of making sure Trump is a "Lame Duck" President by the time he leaves office.

Of course Pence will run in 2024, but I'm betting the contamination he's acquired from serving as one of Trump's foremost enablers will be his downfall.

#MakeTRUMPaLameDuck2018    #LameDuckDonald2018

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