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09 October 2017

#Inktober2017 Days 7 through 9 #Inktober

#Inktober2017 Day7 "Shy" #Inktober
All of the three Inktober Entries described in this post were done with the Sharpie Pen unless otherwise noted.

Day 7, "Shy", was fun for me. I had thought about using a little alien/extraterrestrial dude hiding behind some notepad or other object.

Then, due to the recent arrival of the Autumn Season, I went with a pixie kind of character holding a fallen leaf. If you've ever read the books of UFO expert Jacques Vallee, you'll know if a connection between E.T.s and Pixies.

#Inktober2017 Day8 "Crooked" #Inktober
Day 8, for the prompt "Crooked" is actually little more than a doodle. I imagined I was drawing the house of the "Crooked Man" from the nursery rhyme. And because Halloween is soon to arrive, I added the full Moon and bats.

#Inktober2017 Day9 "Screech" #Inktober
A almost attempted to make a drawing of the "Saved By The Bell" TV character, Screech for Day 9. But as I did an image search, I also saw hands on a chalk board. Then the idea of making a monster's hand turned into the idea of a take off of the Rat Fink hot rod monsters. As it developed, my art but up against the edge of the page. I would have liked to do more with the back wheel creating a stream of smoke as it screeched into view. I used a Sharpie Fine Point Marker to color in the blackest part of the hair.

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