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15 July 2017

Mindful Spacetime

Our tiny side garden is an inviting space.
During the Summer, the coneflowers, daisies and
black-eyed susans thrive!
Bordered by the walkway to the backyard,
the little flower garden occupies a small space.

It has come to occupy not only a place in
our yard but in our minds.

 We have a little garden on the side of our home between the house and the walk way leading to our back yard. At one time we called it our "experimental garden" where we planted starter saplings or shrubs that we ended up moving to other places in the yard.

But two years ago, we added a little bird bath (a larger one is in the back yard under a tall maple tree). The little bird bath in our side garden would sometimes be used by Cardinal birds that wanted more privacy than the backyard one afforded.

Earlier this Spring we added a little bench to our side garden along with some decorative ceramic birds. I have sat on the bench and enjoyed the flowers in the garden. But the thing I enjoy the most of our tiny paradise is the IDEA of it. It occupies a greater status in my imagination than in the physical world, if you want to know the truth. It's like a work of conceptual art. I love seeing the inviting bench placed near the refreshing water in the midst of verdant green leaves, daisies, coneflowers and black-eyed susans. Just THINKING about it helps me to feel serene, at home and welcome.

If you read this and look at my photos of our garden (if you click on the above pics, you can see larger versions), then they will occupy space in your mind and imagination as well.

That's a funny thing about reality, I think. It's that reality is made of spaces, and times and ideas. All of those things are vital components of the entire scheme. We often might hear or read about how Space and Time were joined conceptually by physicists to be one entity: Spacetime.

Will scientists one day upgrade the concept further to be called "Mindspacetime"?
I think they should.

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