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13 July 2020

Orson Welles, Legendary Film Maker, Tells of Meeting Churchhill & Hitler

"Orson Welles has rubbed shoulders with some of the highest profile film stars and politicians of the last century, so his interviews don't come short of name drops!"
-Intro to Video of Interview with Dick Cavett

This story of his impression of Hitler is most interesting:

"I went twice through the Austrian German hiking country —once with a with one teacher and once with another. And one of the two teachers was, it turned out, a sort of budding Nazi.

And there was a big Nazi rally in near Innsbruck in the days when the Nazis were just a very comical kind of minority party of nuts that nobody took seriously at all except  my hiking companion—this gentleman and his knapsack!

He wangled a place at the table with the great men of this tiny little party of cranks. I remember very well afterwards Stryker was the leader of the big anti-semitic campaigns and two or three other well-known people to this day. The man sitting next to me was Hitler and I he made so little impression on me that I can't remember a second of it! He was invisible! He had no personality whatsoever!

… I think there was nothing there that anybody'd remember! And then you’d add five thousand people yelling “Sieg Heil”! That’s the point of the story that there wasn't anything to remember!"

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