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11 November 2018

'Likes' Beats 'Retweets'! -- Or Not?

What do you think? Does giving a tweet a ‘like’ beat giving it a ‘retweet’?

Of course, each has it’s advantages and disadvantages. But Twitter tells me when people I follow like something. That notification on my timeline is like a de facto retweet, in my opinion.

I’ve liked tweets that I agree with AND, sometimes just to let the sender to know I noticed and appreciate the fact they made a comment.

Usually, I retweet something I want my followers to see AND that I might agree with.

More often than is probably wise, I will often both like and retweet. I’m beginning to realize that might be overkill.

So If I had to choose only one of these two responding options on a given tweet, I have become convinced that ‘like’ is the most efficient for my followers who will be notified that I liked the tweet.

All that being said, I notice (yes, I check twitter analytics for my tweets) that if I comment on a tweet, it will get more notice that if I retweet with an added remark. I’m still trying to figure out that whole thing.

Here’s an article (oldy but goody) that discusses the ‘Reply, Favorite, or Retweet’ options with more detail.

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