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28 May 2018

Tigrikorn Website Fun Facts

Fully Clickable Links! Notice the icons in the upper left corner! Have fun! © & TM O. Douglas Jennings
I haven't plug my Tigrikorn Website for a while. It's actually in need of some updating, but I'm still happy with how it serves as an info source for all things Tigrikorn.

Once you arrive at the site, discover, in the Gallery, the original drawing of the "Tiger Unicorn" that I made in the late 1970s on a spread of my pocket sketchbook.

Check out the "hidden" links to the cast of characters in the Tigrikorn Universe!

The archives have links to online versions of the Tigrikorn Comic Fanzine that I began in 1995 to showcase the work of my students at Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art.

And, please check out the Official Store of Tigrikorn at Cafe Press. A sample of one of the many products is below:

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