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08 December 2010

Playing Aquaman

Sea King, originally uploaded by Tigrikorn.
I made a little comic in my Moleskine sketchbook. It's a simple memoir comic of a fun recollection. The pool where these memories take place belonged to my across-the-street neighbors. One Summer they let me swim in it occasionally. They had kids around my age so I know we all played in the pool. But my most indelible memory is imagining that I was Aquaman and the thrill it gave me feel the surge of the water as I pushed my self off the side. There was a Saturday Morning cartoon that featured Aquaman and other Super Heroes that fed my imagination then. Later I would read the Aquaman comic books illustrated by one of my favorite artists, Jim Aparo. My connection to King of the Seas was strengthened all the more when I read somewhere the one of his names is "Orin". My first name is Orrin. So inspite of some ridicule for being a water-bound hero, Aquaman has a special place in my heart.

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