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02 January 2021

Pop Culture Sea Monkeys vs Swimming Monkeys

 Yes, I ordered my own Sea-Monkeys back in the late 60s. They look so fun!

Even when they actually looked nothing like the creatures depicted in the ad, the imagery had such a hold on my imagination that I skewed my perception of the creatures to "see" them as more monkey-like than as the shrimp that they are!

Actual brine shrimp "Sea-monkeys" magnified to be much larger than they are.

But don't lose heart. There are true-to-life monkeys that like to swim under water. Even if you it is not recommended to own them domestically.

Check out the interesting origins of Pop Culture Sea-Monkeys:

Birdsongs and Blossoms



Just a 30-second video of our back yard featuring Spring-time birdsongs and blossoms.

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28 December 2020

Puppet Holiday Greetings!

 Two of the puppets I've designed. Voiced by myself and my creative director.

This embedded Tweet has a link to my latest design -- Hamilton Pig!

It's part of a Vacation Bible School Program that includes Puppet Script Book and Audio CD.



27 December 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 - Recovery Mode


My daughters and I enjoyed watching the movie on Christmas Day on HBOMax

From the outset of the much-anticipated Wonder Woman 84, during the exciting flashback to her childhood experiences and through the camera pans across the keepsakes on Diana’s shelves in her Washington DC apartment, there is a bittersweetness. She’s a valiant, active, super hero and dedicated museum curator with a wounded heart. She’s in recovery from the tragic loss of dearest friends. And she’s vulnerable.

Wonder Woman is a valiant, active, super hero
and dedicated museum curator with a wounded heart.

This vulnerability is one she shares with the world she has adopted and has sworn to protect. It is this vulnerability of the population that is exploited by the movie’s main antagonist, Max Lord —a master manipulator of uncanny influence who acquires supernatural expansion of his powers to do maximum harm.

To make matters worse, her new friend and co-worker (at the Smithsonian), Barbara, has been manipulated by Lord to become his powerful, deadly protector against accountability for his deeds and all efforts to stop him.

This is not to say that through all the action, drama and suspense in the film, Wonder Woman 84 is lacking winsome moments of character interaction. The chemistry between Diana and Steve that was enjoyable in the first Wonder Woman movie is renewed again —with a bit of a twist as Diana is now the one introducing Steve to late 20th Century USA just as he introduced Diana to early 20th Century London. But, as the movie unfolds, she still learns from Steve in very significant ways.

The chemistry between Diana and Steve that was enjoyable in the first Wonder Woman movie is renewed again —with a bit of a twist

Among the many layers of plot, symbolism and nuance in Wonder Woman 84, I think I enjoyed most the resistance to demonize the villains. Everyone was caught in a similar web. Compassion and empathy undergirded the struggle against the foes as the heroes sought to protect those caught in the crossfire and in the deception.

Sure, there were some plot contrivances that I thought didn’t work as well as others. And, I can see why one critic felt that film director Patty Jenkins did not do enough to highlight women’s rights struggles in a movie about a woman super hero. But Wonder Woman's symbolism still inspires as I could see while watching the movie with my enthusiastic adult daughters on Christmas Day. And the message that “No truth can come from a lie” and the warning of the cost of using a “Monkey’s Paw” as a shortcut for the aggrieved to get what they want (and feel that they deserve) is a clear and appropriate signal as we are in recovery mode from the Post-Trump Era.

My daughter and a Cosplay Wonder Woman at a Comic Con years ago. Symbols are important.

I hope the next Wonder Woman movie takes place explicitly after the events of the #JusticeLeague movie. And that it incorporates all the abilities she shows in WW84 -- PLUS having tons Justice League Member cameos ( #Batman #Superman #Aquaman & #TheFlash )


06 December 2020

Quantum Man!

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The description 

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I am both a wave AND a particle! 


Another Sticky Note Inspired Poem

25 November 2020

DC Comics Future State Aims to Revive Readership

It was "All New" in 2016 but this ambitious and well-illustrated tome requires an addendum!

I often enjoy the "DC Comics Encyclopedia All-New Edition: The Definitive Guide to the Characters of the DC Universe" (2016) based on "DC Rebirth".  Since I can't buy as many comics as I'd like, I love to read character profiles to "catch up" on their latest biographies. I was reading recently & realized it's pretty much out of date by now after the DC Metal crossovers (which I avoided as "Metal" connotes in my mind a sensibility that holds no interest for me). 

 My flagging interest that had yawning at the "Batman Who Laughed" and all the Metal shenanigans has run its course. And after reading teasers on the "Future State" crossover my antennae perked up! I've been hungry for a more extensive Primer on this new direction! 

I'm happy to say my wait is over. The DC Comics online portal has made such a Primer available! It both satisfies my hunger to know more and whets my appetite for the upcoming crossover in the New Year!

From what I've read in the free DC Comics Future State sampler, the new direction for the Super Hero characters I'm most enamored with is innovative and talent-packed! I'm embedding some tweets and images from that sampler and more below.




Two of my favorite artists have posted on their Twitter accounts about their upcoming titles:


I think it's smart of DC to limit most of their crossover titles to two issues (January and February). That way they can have a big impact but not draw it out for too long! 

I'm only heartbroken that I cannot buy all the comics. It will be a hard decision but I'll need to pic a very limited number of titles. To be honest, those titles will be "Trinity" based.

What books in the DC Comics Future State hold the most promise for you?



15 October 2020

What is it All Made Of?


What is it all made of?

Dreams and Wings and Other Things.

That's what it's all made of.

--Sticky note doodle and poem

Another Sticky Note Inspired Poem


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