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25 October 2016


Just a little reminder to myself. 

Breathe.....in and out...

...Renew...Innocence, Joy & Peace. 

These grace notes are available and waiting...

...anytime I need them.


20 October 2016

2016 Presidential Election Horror Show

We are all on tinter hooks until Election Day... and beyond.  © O. Douglas Jennings
The third Presidential Debate fueled further debasement of my estimation of the GOP Candidate.

With all of Hillary's baggage, the infantile yet menacing Trump is, to me, absolutely untenable as one to hold the office of my President. He resists even his own handlers. His supporters are motivated by rage, which I understand. Even so, the spirit of his candidacy is far more destructive than could ever be warranted.

He's a horror show. And he'll be keeping us in suspense for quite a while.

05 October 2016


Thoughts from my tweets about the VP Debate:

Polished, Pious Mike Pence, GOPs White-haired hope, provided cover for Trump.

Tim Kaine aggressively stood against Trump's regressive, erratic platform espoused by Proxy Pence.

I'm glad at least Pence's failed attempt to deprive Syrian refugees of help in IN was exposed.

Pence's practiced evangelical power ingratiation served him and his upticket partner Trump well.

Pence's career proves a "nice guy" persona can carry a politician a long way. Too bad when a nice guy is a shill for a bad guy.

Now THAT would be a debate.

In the Presidential Debates of 2012, I imagined how Tigrikorn, a tiger/unicorn hybrid from a war-like planet, would view human debate events (nerdy, I know).

Looking back on that comic, I think Tigrikorn would enjoy the Trump-style debating more than the "boring" debates of years past.

© O. Douglas Jennings. All rights reserved.

16 September 2016

A little 2016 Election Round-up

I've not posted much on the 2016 Presidential Election so far. But I have noticed some post-worthy items from various sources. One is the interview with Dilbert Creator Scott Adams by online talk show host Dave Rubin. I made a quick illustration of what is my favorite quote from the interview:

Art © O. Douglas Jennings. All rights Reserved.

I've embedded the long version of the video but the You Tube channel for Rubin has shorter excerpts:

I also appreciate the following Instagram post by one of my fave musicians, Moby:

A photo posted by moby XⓋX (@moby) on

You can guess by these items I've shared that I'm not voting for Trump.

Also, I've noticed that worn-out tired GOP arguments from the Reagan Era are being circulated like stale air for the 2016 election. Here's one of my responses to those:

09 September 2016

Remember the UPS Logistics Ad Campaign?

On the way to a trade show years ago, my colleagues and I happened upon a UPS marketing Event on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. I took a video (above) of the presentation which was part of a national ad campaign you might recall.

It's funny that UPS tried to market themselves in this way (music, dancers, etc). They aired commercials based on this theme for a while. I haven't noticed what ad campaigns they are running lately. Maybe they didn't feel like this "Broadway Showtunes" approach served them very well and they're having a more low-key, business-to-business strategy these days.

25 August 2016

Behold the Octobot

Baby steps in robotics. Work on the 1st soft-body robot offers new tool set. AND it looks sweet.

If you follow my blog you probably know how much I love octopuses (or, if you prefer, octopi)!

Check out this excellent article for more technical info on the Octobot.

The little dude does really no more than flex and unflex his arms. But it's a significant step in robotics and, as the article states, will lead to more fine-tuned applications and diverse strategies in creating robots to meet needs.

And I especially liked the shot of the creation process by which the soft body material in it's mold is being injected with various robotic components. Does anyone remember the "Thing Maker" kits by Mattel? --With their metal molds of insects, snakes and other " creepy crawlies? It was like the boys' version of the "Easy Bake Oven". In a way it was like the 3D printer.

Here's a link to the video of a Thing Maker commercial from 1964.

Photo of Thing Maker Kit

Today's safety standards wouldn't allow production and sale of the Thing Maker.

But my grandkids will probably be making these little Octobots at home in a new hi-tech version of the Thing Maker which will be more like a 3D printer with robotic infusing capabilities.