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09 October 2018

What a Fantastic Mashup!!!

I've loved Mashups for years and here's a recent one that is just terrific!!!

25 September 2018

When Globalism was Ascendant...

I came across this illustration I created for an article in 1985 about the phenomenal "We Are the World" charity event and hit song.

It had enormous media coverage and participation by top musical celebrities. Can you recognize some of the faces I illustrated as caricatures in the art?

This was a time when 'Globalism' was not a dirty word. The event fostered a sense of responsibility for needs of people suffering on the other side of the world from one's own safe place.

We'll return to those priorities one day.

© O. Douglas Jennings

24 September 2018

Mutual Causality Comic (an over simplification)

The relationships between "Mind, Space, Time" have been occupying my thoughts these days. I made this little comic to work out some of the implications. I am suspending, for the sake of discussion and intellectual thought experimentation, the idea of faith in God. And I'm attempting to pare down the notion of Mind vs Matter(chronology).

Nothing very rigorous, but an exercise in visualizing a concept.

© O. Douglas Jennings

20 September 2018

Overwhelmed by the Voices

A classic X-Men trope is that of the telepath that must learn to not be distracted by the 'chatter' of mental activity around them that only the telepath can sense.

This is how I feel sometimes when I engage with social media. So many 'voices in my head'. And some social media platforms are easier to deal with than others. The higher the interpersonal stakes the more problematic it can be for sensitive personalities to be able to function comfortably. That is why Facebook is my least preferred social media platform. Too many family and long-time friends share that space and I feel like the intense emotional connections/history is a gravitational force that exerts undue pressure for me mentally.

Twitter, on the other hand, is like an impersonal crowd. And the connections are mostly based on hobbies, interests and public venting. It's tools for managing interactions seem less personal and therefore emotional stakes are diffused.

Those are the two ends of the spectrum of social media, I think. It might be said that Facebook is 'high-context' and Twitter is 'low-context' in regards to emotional participation thresholds.

Do you agree? What is your social media platform of choice?

© O. Douglas Jennings

11 September 2018

Lex has an Armor Problem

It's funny that baldness is so important to Lex Luthor's ''Brand'' that, even tho' he essentially performs risky tasks with high-tech armor, he rarely, if ever, wears a helmet. That's the most unbelievable part of that character's narrative to me.

Can you imagine if Tony Stark, as Iron-Man did the same thing?
Fans would most certainly call out that improbability immediately.

Post and Art © by O. Douglas Jennings

09 August 2018

Der Löwenbändiger

I'm often surprised by how ideas develop and take shape to have a life of their own. While listening to a book review of C.S. Lewis' apocalyptic sci-fi novel 'That Hideous Strength', I began to create a doodle/drawing on a post-it note.

I had an image in my mind of a a powerful figure with his hand resting on some object... One thing let to another and -perhaps I was thinking of Lewis' Narnia books as well -- the object became a lion. And then the details of the figure took shape with his heavy boots and commando pockets, etc.

The title 'Lion Tamer' came to mind but, after searching various translations of that title on Google Translate, I rather fancied the German phrase. So there you have it. Just a bit of fun while listening to a review that is transcribed here.

The observations of that review are meaningful. And worthy of a separate post.

30 July 2018

Forget Impeachment....


I agree that impeaching Trump would be a satisfying outcome in many ways. But that would leave Vice President Mike Pence to assume the reigns of power in the Oval Office. To say Pence is a white-washed version of Trump is an understatement.

So it would seem that the best strategy for removing Trump is at the ballot box... in both 2018 and 2020. In 2018 the goal is to break the GOP strangle hold on Congress. In 2020, of course, it is to deprive Trump of a second term. I consider both of these actions to be parts 1 and 2 of making sure Trump is a "Lame Duck" President by the time he leaves office.

Of course Pence will run in 2024, but I'm betting the contamination he's acquired from serving as one of Trump's foremost enablers will be his downfall.

#MakeTRUMPaLameDuck2018    #LameDuckDonald2018