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08 November 2019

Legion of Super Heroes TV Series

The fan-favorite animated TV series "Legion of Super Heroes" had a short two-year run from 2006 to 2008 but it made an unforgettable impact. These days, there are a number of options fans have to see the 26 episodes of the series. These options include subscription streaming services like DC Universe, Amazon Prime video, and Hulu as well as physical DVDs. I like getting DVDs from my local public library.

Recently a promotional tweet from DC Universe got my attention as it alludes to both seasons as the last scene transforms Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy from Season One versions into their older Season Two counterparts.

I noticed, as well, that the scene gives tribute to members that might not appear in the episodes but call back to the comic book story roster of the team.

Delving into the production history of the series, to me, is as interesting as the TV show itself.
There are great samples of concept art for the series online for any Web Search Detectives eager to see them. I've posted a few below to whet your appetite.

You can see that the style in all four of these pre-production drawings have not yet been standardized as they became for the animation process.

Innovative Concepts

The character designs for the Legion of Super Heroes series were creative and unique. Brainiac is a prime example. He's got some Inspector Gadget features going on. And for all his "brainy-ness" he serves as something like the "heart" of the legion.

Lightning Lad's "Harry Potter" scar over his eye is a nice touch as well. And, of course, he's a hot headed scamp.

But the story also sets itself on a different path than the comic in how it casts the character whose Silver Age book "Superboy" introduced the Legion. He's called "Superman" in the series even though he's obviously a teen-aged version of the Man of Steel.

The stories and animation on the TV series are worthy of fan devotion as they are solid. Here is an embeded episode from Season One that features a great roster of the main team and that also includes Colossal Boy and Ferro Lad:

05 November 2019

Potentiality Comics

I've done a few comics that explore, for lack of a better term, potentiality. Here are three. The last one is more of a sketch, actually.

Click here to see one more comic that might be said to touch on the theme of "potentiality".

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08 October 2019

Optical Novelty Parking Lot of Curiousity

I will be posting ongoing items of interest that I find on Twitter here.