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16 April 2015

The Devotee

Photo by O. Douglas Jennings © 2015. Taken at the Art Institute of Chicago
I love this photo for several reasons. The gallery was not crowded that day and this young man was free to take in the painting, Moulin Rouge, by Toulouse-Latrec at his leisure. His kneeling posture connotes devotion. I'm guessing that he is writing a paper about the painting for school.

Another aspect of the photo is that it juxtaposes modern technology with 19th Century artistic legacy.

I cropped the photo but in the original version, it's plain to see the student is alone. Yet he has also isolated himself through his intense and solitary focus. 

This will be my last Gallery Patron Watch post for a while.

14 April 2015

Art Gallery Patrons Pics (Again)

The photos below were taken as I walked from the main European Painting Gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago to that museums Impressionism section. As I entered the room where Seurat's famous painting, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, was on display, I encountered the scene in the first photo. The viewers looked like wealthy patrons. They had staked out their positions before the masterpiece.

As I made my way through the room, I couldn't help but take another photo of the couple. The man, who reminded me of Daddy Warbucks from the classic Orphan Annie comic strip, seemed much more interested in the painting than the woman on his arm.

Scenes like this fascinate me. You can see my previous entry and photo of gallery patrons here.

08 April 2015

Didja' ever?...

This originally appeared in black and white in my Tigrikorn Zine (I forgot which issue), in the 90s.

Color version © 2014 by O. Douglas Jennings. All rights reserved.