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05 March 2015

5 Day Art Post Challenge Day 4

For today's post on Day 4 of my 5 Day challenge (prompted by artist Matthew Sargent), I am featuring puppet designs I made for Vacation Bible School programs published by Regular Baptist Press (scroll down on linked page to find my designs). Although the puppets were manufactured by an outside production company, I was responsible for their look and design for which I made sketches to send to the puppet vendor. Left to right is Tracker, Feathers and Astro. 

This is my fourth year in serving as RBP VBS Puppet Designer. I wish I could show my most recent design for 2016 but I'm not allowed to unveil details for our VBS Program for that year until late Fall of 2015.

Designs by Doug Jennings © 2015 by Regular Baptist Press

04 March 2015

5 Day Art Post Challenge Day 3

For today's post on Day 3 of my 5 Day challenge (prompted by artist Matthew Sargent), I am featuring illustrations I made for Bible Timeline Collector Cards published by Regular Baptist Press. At top is a scene from the story of Esther.  The lower left card features Isaac. And the lower right is the warrior king David. There are 55 cards in all. The project took three years to complete because the back of each card has another illustration or map as well as a timeline and additional info on each character. Many thanks to my editors Alex Bauman and Deb Lew.They did tons of research and provided input on each illustration.
Art by Doug Jennings © 2015 by Regular Baptist Press

03 March 2015

5 Day Art Post Challenge Day 2

For today's post on Day 2 of my 5 Day challenge (prompted by artist Matthew Sargent), I am featuring cartoon characters I've developed for different clients. At top is a snow mobile character I created for a bearings manufacturer. It was used on promotional calendars. Lower left is a lightning bug I proposted for an online photography service. They ended up not using it but I have grown rather fond of the little critter. Lower right is a "spokes person" face I developed for practice. It's the only one that was not client driven. I enjoy creating such characters and will be showing more in future posts.
All art © 2015 by O. Douglas Jennings.

02 March 2015

5 Day Art Post Challenge Day 1

This post is my response to the challenge by Matthew Sargent to post three examples of my artwork each day for five days. The first comic is from a series I created in the 90s about a young artist named Arthur with a powerful imagination. The second (lower left) comic was created for an online magazine. The third illustration is an homage to Thundercats in which I put my Tigrikorn character and his friends in the place of the original Thundercat crew.  I can't think of anyone to nominate for the challenge yet but we'll see if I can come up with a name tomorrow.
All art © 2015 by O. Douglas Jennings.

24 February 2015

What I learned from Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

For the most part I enjoyed the animated feature Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. Like Justice League: War, it features the New 52 version of the Justice League. They try to appeal to older viewers by throwing in some swear words and having the battles show more blood. But the plot devices and resolution have a tidy, fanboy-pander feel to it.

As an Aquaman Fan, I was happy with how the Sea King was given due respect. He gets a lot of ridicule from undiscerning pop critics. And these scoffers will always find things to mock about him. But I enjoyed seeing the character and his powers given the spotlight.

Other things I learned from the movie (besides the points I made in the comic* above): Batman's mask is equipped with internet connectivity and advanced photo scanning. Cyborg can be jump-started with a taser. And Cyborg can also project large holograms.

I'll conclude this post with a quick sketch comic inspired by one of my favorite scenes in the movie. This might be only slightly spoilerish.

* Thor makes a cameo in my comic just to point out that, like his mystic hammer Mjolnir, Aquaman's trident has such unique, supernatural powers that it deserves a dedicated, distinct appellation.

Art on this post © 2014 by O. Douglas Jennings. Aquaman TM DC Comics. Thor TM MARVEL Comics.

SPECIAL BONUS LINK: My cartoon sketch summation of Justice League: War

21 February 2015

Portrait Sketches

© 2015 Doug Jennings. All Rights Reserved.
One of the joys of being an artist is making sketches of family and friends. The drawings above are from a sketchbook that I kept in the 80s. The top row and far left drawing on the bottom row are from a church youth group camping trip. The remaining two are at different times and locations. These few examples are not finished drawings but the loose sketches have an immediacy and spontaneity that I enjoy.

Rather than list the names of my sketch subjects (all of whom were kind to allow me to sketch their likenesses), I'd like to explain how each of these drawings in my sketchbook are a wonderful keepsake. They represent for me cherished memories. Even though I have lost touch with some of the subjects, these drawings bring them to mind and reverberate good will and fond recollections.

The above sampling is just a portion of my collected sketches. A few more (not all by any means) can be seen at my Flickr Photo Sharing Site.

04 February 2015

Impossible Dream? A Sketch Revisited

My digitally toned sketch from nearly a decade ago illustrating my ideal home.
D.T.P.G --Decentralize the Power Grid! That is a notion that captured my imagination when I made this sketch in 2007.  Small house, sustainable "prairie-style" lawn, solar panels, wind mills, electric car were included in my dream of a self-sufficient, environment-responsible home.

I had heard an interview with New York Times foreign affairs correspondent Thomas Friedman who coined the phrase "Green is the new Red, White and Blue". Although, actually, I'm not sure Friedman was advocating that the U.S. power grid would be decentralized as much as diversified to include a variety of energy sources besides oil and coal.

Some of the features shown in my sketch are catching on. There is an entire reality TV show about people who choose to live in tiny houses. And technology is making solar panels more affordable. Electric cars are also being offered by more car companies at reasonable prices. So I guess we have been making progress. But I think we have a far way to go. Especially when taking into account the fact that making sensible energy policy that conserves our resources, protects the environment, etc has become so politicized. It should be a priority for people of all political stripes.