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17 June 2016

Mash-up Kings Twenty One Pilots AND Imagine Dragons on Suicide CD!!!

First I had heard that Twenty One Pilots had released a new track. That was exciting enough news. But when I caught the video of that track paired with the Suicide Trailer along with the news of their song being featured on the Soundtrack album, I now am super-psyched. Perfect fit.

So here's the Awesome OFFICIAL |-/ video:

UPDATE 24 June - Just found out that my top 2 fave bands have songs on The Suicide Album Sound Track! Check out the Audio of Imagine Dragons Sucker for Pain

Suicide Cast Member Scott Eastwood has more footage of the music video for Sucker for Pain. It's sweet! AND you can see more clips on instagram if you search for #suckerforpain:

BONUS vid from Twenty One Pilots concert that I like for added measure:

Ever-endearing in their performances, Twenty One Pilots thrive on live performances as the above clip shows. This is why so many fans love their concerts.

13 June 2016

A Time to Mourn

No words can express the sorrow, the loss
the pain and the tragedy of the senseless shooting in Orlando.

The only action one can take is to mourn.
To embrace.
To love without conditions or qualifications.
To pray with humility. To intercede. To advocate. To defend.
To endure and be there to help survivors endure. 

There must to be change.
We must speak out and have an honest
discussion...But in the meantime
we must mourn the loss of sons, the daughters, the brothers and the sisters, 
the fathers and mothers that were
cut down by ignorance, hatred and bigotry toward the LGBTQ community, &
the cynical, soulless gun policies that plague our nation. 

09 June 2016

The Secret to Nefertiti's Classic Beauty

I enjoyed this short video from the Smithsonian Channel Website.

It mentions the grid-system technique used by ancient Egyptian artists to create a symmetrical face.
Such systems are commonly used by artists still. In fact, I often use various types of grid configurations to guide the proportions of my drawings of faces. It can be used to create faces from one's imagination or to aid the artist while drawing a face from life.

Compare the grid used by Egyptian artists to the simpler one below that I often use when I am creating art of faces.
Sample grid for drawing a face. © O. Douglas Jennings.


06 June 2016

My Summer Music Faves

A video posted by Kassie West (@kassienotkanye) on

Always love seeing Josh Dun perform his crowd-pleasing, signature back flip off the old piano! And I couldn't resist embedding the above clip posted on Twenty One Pilots fan Kassie West's instagram feed.

Twenty One Pilots is currently touring the U.S. with its Emotional Road Show. The boys of Columbus are in top form by all accounts. Below is another of Kassie's instagram shots.

Originally posted on @kassienotkanye instagram
I just glanced further into Kassie's instagram feed when I saw her shot of the lead singer, Matthew Healy of The 1975.

Originally posted on @kassienotkanye instagram
They have a more pop-oriented style than Twenty One Pilots but what I love about The 1975, and what they have in common with TOP, is their love of live performing and their dedication to the touring life. That requires true sacrifice for art, in my opinion.

To round out my third favorite music that I'm enjoying this Summer, I must mention Imagine Dragons. They have become much more established and well-known by now. But their songs still grab me.

Rolling Stone Photo

I'm still playing the heck out of their Night Visions album and enjoying what I can hear on Smoke + Mirrors from Youtube.


20 May 2016

Being in a Comic

The third panel is a simple visualization of an actual sense of awareness I've experienced. © O. Douglas Jennings

16 May 2016

Reminder to My Self: Social Media is Great! Really, it is!

Social Media keeps me connected....to lots of streams of consciousness. Art © by O. Douglas Jennings
So, I realize the importance of Social Media. It keeps me connected with friends, family and fellow professionals. It aids in networking and cross-fertilization of ideas. It's really great!

So why do I sometimes feel too overwhelmed by it? It's like I'm a telepath who can't turn off the voices of mental chatter from people around me playing in my mind.

And in the early days of my experience with Social Media, I made the mistake of getting into political/cultural debates & discussions that cost me some friends as I over-reacted in my zeal to get my opinions across.

But I have promised my self I will not give up on the new world of connectivity and experience sharing. But I need to take it slow and use a measured approach.

I honestly value all my friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. So if you're one of those friends, please be patient with me. As the cliche goes, I'm a work in progress.