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02 April 2014


"Using my hands-free remote I am having Siri to help me post something on my blog."

Sent from my iPhone

The above line is my first hands-free remote blog post that I made this morning on my way to the office. It took several attempts for me to speak something that Siri would transcribe correctly. But it's a start. It definitely seemed to shorten my awareness of time on my half-hour commute.

I also made some tweets using Siri:

You can tell by the awkward wording that Siri didn't quite get what I was trying to say… at least on the tweet about the Canadian Goose.

I wonder if Google Glass will be able to recognize speech any better.

Even so, I think sending tweets using Siri is more effective than blog posts. That one first line was just to prime the blog posting pump. But it got me to build upon it and add some photos and explanatory text.

19 March 2014

Sci Fi Dude

Sci Fi Dude, originally uploaded by Tigrikorn.
I took a old sketch and built on it to create this scene.

17 March 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The original creation of this art was for my 365 Day Creative Challenge. That day's prompt was to work only with the color green. I glued the Post-It note with that art into my journal and added the little cartoon of me painting Tigrikorn. I changed the dialogue of that original entry especially for today's St. Patty's Day greeting.

24 February 2014

Just to be clear...

Just to be clear..., originally uploaded by Tigrikorn.

Just one reason of many that I am into the LEGO Movie.

21 February 2014

Rocket and Howard

Rocket and Howard, originally uploaded by Tigrikorn.

The premise behind Guardian of the Galaxy's Rocket Racoon has been used by Marvel comics before. But Marvel movie adaptations have come a LOOONNNG way since the release of the big screen version of Howard the Duck.

Sweet Vindication

Sweet Vindication, originally uploaded by Tigrikorn.

Too bad I couldn't wait for a review process that I had no idea would even work. It all worked out for the best, however. I moved the Dragon Camp blog here.

All I'm understanding is what a pain automated systems can be sometimes. When they work it's great. When they go wrong…"$#@%!"

20 February 2014

One of my Blogs Accused of being Spam

The "Team" at Blogger.com has deemed one of my blogs to be SPAM. 

Lesson Learned! 

I moved the offending blog here.

05 February 2014

Two Notes

I took a snow day today. I was on the way to work and had been in the car for over a half hour yet had only been able to traverse 2 miles of my 12 mile commute. I hated the idea of spending hours in the car just to get to work for a few hours only to subject my self to driving home again. So I turned around, returned to my house, helped some neighbors dig out of their drive ways and then emailed my boss that I was taking a vacation day.

As I was finishing up my shoveling my own driveway I heard a cheerful little two-note bird whistle. 

"What bird stays around in this cold weather?", I thought to myself. 

The sound was coming nearer. Finally I noticed a little black-capped chickadee landed in our pear tree near the street. "Hi, There!", I said. He whistled back his two notes as if to say the same. It hadn't stopped snowing yet and the sky was still cloudy. But that little bird was like a ray of sunshine to my soul.